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Image of the card for Reckless Swing (Blue)

Don't let the final price tags of competitive decklists scare you off! We'll show you how to start out with Rhinar, and a path forward once you're ready to commit more to him.

by: Clay DeAngelis

11 months ago

Rogue Theory is back with another unconventional build that reached Top 8 during Road to Nationals. Rhinar goes into business!

by: Rogue Theory

1 year ago

When health totals get low, it's easy to assume the game is close and could go either way. But not all decks win the same way. Davis talks about how life totals can lie.

by: Davis Tower Kingsley

2 years ago

Embrace the destructive power of a fully-unleashed Levia.

by: Mark Chamberlain & Drew Cordell

3 years ago

Levia is a powerful new force of reckoning on the battlefield. Explore her shadowy potential in this powerful budget Blitz deck designed by Drew Cordell.

by: Drew Cordell

3 years ago

Learn the basics of Rhinar's Brute strategy, from weapon selection to hand management.

by: Alex Truell

3 years ago

Drone of Brutality has become the first Flesh and Blood card to be banned from the two major formats! What does this mean for the game?

by: Steven Young

3 years ago