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The Rathe Times is a bespoke community and news outlet for the rising star of the TCG world, Flesh & Blood.

The project began when Kirk and Alex worked together on FaB DB, with Alex producing some very high quality content for FaB DB's readers at the time. As the FaB DB project progressed, Kirk recognised that trying to combine content and utility into one project was working against one another, when separating the projects could provide great marketing and cross-site reference opportunities, as well as a stronger focus on quality content on a separate project.

Kirk approached Alex as he needed someone with a great grasp of the English language and an eye for quality content to be an editor and to drive the content aspect of the project. This left him to develop the technology and means of supporting that content, through subscriptions, great content, awesome user experience and a growing community.

The project was conceptualised in full in January 2021 and launched in March, along with a swathe of incredible content for the Flesh & Blood community, including its first Pro series of content (paid content) from the likes of Hayden Dale.

It's been an amazing experience thus far and Alex and I cannot wait to see where the Rathe Times is in 2022. Why not join us on this journey, and our community on our Discord?

Kirk Bushell, Managing Director