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Sean Knowelden

After ten years of playing magic, Sean made the switch to fab around the start of monarch and after being impressed at every turn hasn't looked back since! After a top 8 at UK nationals (in spite of playing control Katsu) Sean's remained a familiar face in the UK scene, and can usually be found arguing about Belittle.

When the spirit of the game and friendly competition comes up against the rules of the game and serious competition, where do you draw your grey line?

by: Sean Knowelden

1 month ago

Uzuri has a reputation as a flexible hero with room for variation in her decklists. Sean advocates for the Pummel.

by: Sean Knowelden

2 months ago

Wonder what the Rathe Times writers are running in this young Heavy Hitters meta? Every day this week, we'll be coming in with quick snapshots of our current favorites. Today, Sean is up.

by: Sean Knowelden

3 months ago

With each new set comes a lot of deck testing. How do you make the most of your reps?

by: Sean Knowelden

4 months ago

As in gameplay, there's a difference between drafting to win and drafting not to lose.

by: Sean Knowelden

10 months ago

The new Team Blitz format introduces many new strategic considerations. Sean takes his own experience with Team Blitz and extracts general lessons for anyone hoping to try playing 3-headed FAB.

by: Sean Knowelden

1 year ago

At this point, Belittle/Minnowism is an established Chane staple. So why did I pull it from my Pro Tour list? Sometimes you need to challenge conventional wisdom.

by: Mark Chamberlain & Sean Knowelden

2 years ago