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Art of Desire:
An Early
of Nuu

Uzuri has a reputation as a flexible hero with room for variation in her decklists. Sean advocates for the Pummel.

by: Sean Knowelden

3 months ago

Wonder what the Rathe Times writers are running in this young Heavy Hitters meta? Every day this week, we'll be coming in with quick snapshots of our current favorites. Today, Sean is up.

by: Sean Knowelden

4 months ago

Uzuri is a hero I moved past quickly. But when one style of gameplay doesn't resonate, there's often room to pursue your own angle.

by: Alex Truell

8 months ago

Even as Uzuri stands poised to put Assassin on the map, there's an undeniable appeal to Arakni. And for those who can't resist running our masked murderer, here are a few lists to get you going.

by: Justin Addington

1 year ago

Go beyond the contract and utilize every advantage Arakni offers.

by: Rogue Theory

1 year ago

Uzuri has brought a fresh tactical option to the Assassin class, which means we're all starting from square one again. Get a jumpstart on deckbuilding and hit the ground running.

by: Kevin Brayer

1 year ago

Learn the core elements of Arakni's gameplay, from contracts to control to death by a thousand cuts.

by: Joshua Kehe

1 year ago

From an outsider's perspective, an assassin strikes quickly and with lethal precision. But what goes unseen is careful planning and biding time until the opportune moment arises.

by: Jeremy Miller

1 year ago