Blitz Week

by Alex Truell 7th January 2022 0 : 19

At this point, we still don't know much about Everfest. But if Valda Brightaxe is any indication, we can look forward to another season of Blitz with the release of this supplemental set.

In anticipation of a return to this sidelined format, we're featuring Blitz decks all this week, and calling back to a few Blitz articles of the past while we're at it!

Monday starts us off with a spotlight on Kayo...

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Alex Truell

Alex Truell is the editor for the Rathe Times. Alex is a casually competitive player overseeing the growth of a Flesh and Blood scene in Ripon, WI. Alex is a player who cares about the competitive environment, but doesn't have to live in it; an optimist who loves the game, but can take a step back to critique it; and a deckbuilder who revels in novelty.

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