Breakpoint Boost

by Kevin Brayer 8th April 2021 2 : 47

Boost Dash is an aggressive deck that looks to pressure the opponent's hand while attempting to assemble a big Maximum Velocity turn (or two) as quickly as possible. This list is chock full of attack actions with Boost, which allows the deck to consistently attack multiple times per turn.

Quick Deck Rundown:

  1. 40/40 cards are Mechanologist cards, which means Boost and Teklo Foundry Heart will never miss.
  2. 38/40 cards block for 3, which allows you to play surprisingly effective defense (plus you'll start with one of the Teklo Cores in play every game).
  3. 37/40 cards mention the Boost mechanic. There is only one game plan, which makes evaluating turns fairly simple.

Achieving Top Speed

The big turn this deck is always looking for revolves around the card Maximum Velocity, which requires you to have Boosted at least 3 times in order to play it. Since it costs 2 resources to play, it will take a 5 card hand (4+arsenal) in order to pull off one of these big turns. The strategy to set it up is as follows:

  1. Get Maximum Velocity, Zero to Sixty, Zipper Hit, or High Speed Impact into arsenal.
  2. Craft or wait for a hand with several inexpensive boost cards (plus a Maximum Velocity if it's not in arsenal). Zero to Sixty is best, followed by Zipper Hit and High Speed Impact. (The cheaper the better).
  3. Use Teklo Foundry Heart and Arcanite Skullcap to absorb some damage.
  4. Attack with 3 Boosted attack actions, break Goliath Gauntlet, and attack with Maximum Velocity for 12.

Teklo Foundry Heart is guaranteed to give +1 resource whenever we try and go off. Even assuming 3 copies of Zero to Sixty, we still need at least 1 resource to pitch to pull off the Max V attack. Since this big turn requires four attacks, that only allows us one card to pitch, which means we're gated at a maximum of 4 resources (two of which are for Maximum Velocity itself). The pitch value of this 5th card is key, and determines which combination of attacks will allow you to go off.

These combinations don't account for possible Teklo Core resources, but I trust you to do the math

  1.    Red Pitch

      ○ 3 Zero to Sixty

  1.    Yellow Pitch

      ○ 2 Zero to Sixty and 1 Zipper Hit/High Speed Impact

  1.    Blue Pitch

      ○ 1 Zero to Sixty and 2 Zipper Hit/High Speed Impact

      ○ 2 Zero to Sixty and 1 two-cost Boost Attack

Hero: Dash

Weapons: Plasma Barrel Shot, Teklo Plasma Pistol

Equipment: Achilles Accelerator, Arcanite Skullcap, Goliath Gauntlet, Heartened Cross Strap, Ironrot Gauntlet, Nullrune Gloves, Teklo Foundry Heart, Viziertronic Model i

  1. (2) Combustible Courier (red)
  2. (2) High Octane (red)
  3. (2) High Speed Impact (red)
  4. (2) Maximum Velocity (red)
  5. (2) Pedal to the Metal (red)
  6. (2) Throttle (red)
  7. (2) Zero to Sixty (red)
  8. (2) Zipper Hit (red)

  1. (2) High Speed Impact (yellow)
  2. (1) Over Loop (yellow)
  3. (1) Spark of Genius (yellow)
  4. (2) Throttle (yellow)
  5. (2) Zero to Sixty (yellow)
  6. (2) Zipper Hit (yellow)

  1. (2) Combustible Courier (blue)
  2. (2) High Speed Impact (blue)
  3. (2) Over Loop (blue)
  4. (2) Teklo Core (blue)
  5. (2) Throttle (blue)
  6. (2) Zero to Sixty (blue)
  7. (2) Zipper Hit (blue)

Did you know?


Metrix is a large, bustling city, home to the beloved Dash, a Mechanologist of some reknown. It is also the largest hub for commerce on Rathe.

Quick Tips:

  1. Heartened Cross Strap is better Chest equipment against Wizard since you don't need the armor and it shouldn't take more than a single Maximum Velocity for the game to end.
  2. Pressure the opponent with some of the larger, more expensive attacks like Throttle or Pedal to the Metal since they're tougher to use on the Max V turns.
  3. Don't be afraid to block heavily as needed, since you'll need to take some damage before going off with your 5 card hand).
  4. Boosting often runs the risk of banishing a Maximum Velocity or running your deck out of cards, so Boost wisely.
  5. High Octane and Achilles Accelerator can be used to make some devastatingly wide attacks even when you're not hitting Maximum Velocity. Each extra Action Point means another Pistol shot as long as you've got the resources to pay for the reload.

Kevin Brayer

Kevin Brayer (@Hannibal in Discord circles) is an author for the Rathe Times and has been playing Flesh and Blood since the release of Crucible of War. A Software Developer living in the US, he is a competitive player with a background in MTG. He loves putting time into mastering archetypes and is looking to make his mark by bringing everyone's favorite Arknight into the competitive scene. Kevin is excited to give back to the community by sharing his insight, humor, and love of all things Demonastery.