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Honing Your
Deck Decisions
as Fai

Fai pushes the Ninja's wide combat chain toward explosive conclusions, making powerful use of a full hand.

by: Joshua Kehe

1 year ago

The Emperor might have come dead on arrival, but he’s poised to rise again in glory.

by: Daniel Bellotti

1 year ago

Parker Brown has a decklist that pushes Dromai aggressively- but holds a defensive sideboard just in case.

by: Mark Chamberlain & Parker Brown

1 year ago

Dromai has completely changed how we approach Illusionists, engaging a whole new subset of players with her dramatic board development.

by: Parker Brown

1 year ago

Even without Stubby Hammerers, Fai is a strong choice in the current meta. As he's done with Boltyn, Will analyzes cumulative value across Fai's gameplan to create a framework which can evaluate possible card choices.

by: Will Reinhardt

1 year ago

Fai has made an explosive impact on the fresh Uprising tournament scene. Preparing for him is necessary for any competitive aspirations.

Fai, Rising Rebellion, is one of Uprising’s hottest new heroes; and while he may seem like a straightforward aggro deck, there is plenty to consider.

by: Frank Hung

1 year ago

Dromai has been making a strong impression in the early Uprising tournament scene, but her playstyle is anything but intuitive. Kevin offers a core understanding of Dromai's strategy to work from no matter which build you pursue.

by: Kevin Brayer

1 year ago

If you- like me- are a limited aficionado and are planning to slay pre-release and Road to Nationals, then you want to get acquainted with the format right now.

by: Tyler Horspool

2 years ago

The sands beneath their feet slip and stream and suddenly rush ahead of them, swirling and forming. They had not considered the desert floor ash before, but as they stood before the draconic illusionist, their mistake became clear: her tools were all around them.

by: Alex Truell

2 years ago