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What We're Playing: Sean's Uzuri

5 months ago


By: Sean Knowelden

Tagged: CC, Uzuri

Between all the well-articulated and carefully considered articles our writers craft, we're also playing decks we haven't figured out yet or simply enjoy without much reflection. This series simply shares what we've been shuffling up for our local events - and why these decks have endeared themselves to us.

This week's Heavy Hitters edition takes into consideration the early meta we're all experiencing - and either looks to harness this new talent or exploit the unrefined field.

Today's feature comes from Sean Knowelden.

At Calling: Liverpool, after a pretty unfortunate day one, I decided to play the Battle Hardened with trusty Uzuri, hoping that my old nemesis Dromai would be scared off by the Kayo threat. With a good matchup into Kano and even into Brute - and the power of disruption being good against all those unprepared - I think it’s her time to shine.

Card image of Pummel (Red)
Card image of Uzuri, Switchblade

I still prefer the Pummel version vs the contract builds some others favor, but their popularity will help give you an edge and take people by surprise.

Not much has changed in the list, but a few notes to add:

Card image of Graven Call

Graven Call is actually quite powerful against matchups that aren’t planning to block, giving you something good to do with the extra silver generated from your contract cards.

Already Dead is very live against Kassai, the reactions they block with are ready to be banished.

Card image of Already Dead (Red)

Hold the Line can be a powerful play against Brute decks after their Bloodrush turns, and Balance of Justice is excellent against them.

Card image of Balance of Justice
Card image of Hold the Line (Blue)

It may not be obvious immediately, but Balance shines against Kano, giving you a surprise card to pitch when you go for the lethal play.

If you're looking to learn Uzuri, you can start with Kevin Brayer's excellent article below.

Uzuri has brought a fresh tactical option to the Assassin class, which means we're all starting from square one again. Get a jumpstart on deckbuilding and hit the ground running.

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