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Image of the card for Swing Big (Red)

Brutes’ inconsistency is about to be a thing of the past. Mostly.

by: Kevin Brayer

5 months ago

Don't let the final price tags of competitive decklists scare you off! We'll show you how to start out with Rhinar, and a path forward once you're ready to commit more to him.

by: Clay DeAngelis

11 months ago

Oldhim now becomes the first hero to attain Living Legend in both Blitz and Classic Constructed. Where should an Elemental Guardian player go next?

by: Alex Truell

1 year ago

Fresh off a victory at the Malaysia Nationals, Nitya Kalaichelvan addresses why Rhinar was the right choice for the meta, how to shift strategies, and her tips for sideboarding against the competition.

by: Nitya Kalaichelvan

1 year ago