Being the Bigger Man: Why My Chane Doesn't Belittle

by Sean Knowelden, Mark Chamberlain 26th May 2022 11 : 33
At this point, Belittle/Minnowism is an established Chane staple. So why did I pull it from my Pro Tour list? Sometimes you need to challenge conventional wisdom.
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Sean Knowelden

After ten years of playing magic, Sean made the switch to fab around the start of monarch and after being impressed at every turn hasn't looked back since! After a top 8 at UK nationals (in spite of playing control Katsu) Sean's remained a familiar face in the UK scene, and can usually be found arguing about Belittle.

Mark Chamberlain

Our narrator, Mark Chamberlain, is a long-time card game player-- but they're all sitting on the shelf while he practices Guardian in Flesh and Blood. Mark is based out of Colorado Springs, USA.