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What We're Playing: Kevin's Vynnset

1 month ago


Between all the well-articulated and carefully considered articles our writers craft, we're also playing decks we haven't figured out yet or simply enjoy without much reflection. This series simply shares what we've been shuffling up for our local events - and why these decks have endeared themselves to us.

This week's Heavy Hitters edition takes into consideration the early meta we're all experiencing - and either looks to harness this new talent or exploit the unrefined field.

Today's feature comes from Kevin Brayer.

If Kayo isn't your speed, but you enjoy throwing out some incredibly efficient turns with large attacks, look no further than Vynnset.

With Iyslander and Lexi out of the format, Vynnset (like many heroes) gets to run fewer blues, which generally means more power in the average hand. Against aggressive opponents, you can play efficient defense while sending out above-rate offensive turns.

Into opponents looking to fatigue you, Sonata Galaxia, Blessing of Occult, and Looming Doom come out to play as ways to try and set up for a pseudo-OTK (build up 20+ Runechants with a few good attacks in banish, then unleash a massive onslaught with Revel in Runeblood and Mauvrion Skies).

Card image of Blessing of Occult (Red)
Card image of Sonata Galaxia (Red)

Runeblades have historically been favored into Brutes, and while that may not be as true as it used to be, there are still several advantages to choosing Runeblade. Split damage can make it tougher to block efficiently, and Widespread Destruction and Widespread Annihilation give Vynnset some difficult to stop "on hurt" effects. Additionally, Chains of Mephetis is finally getting a chance to shine with all the decks currently looking to draw cards.

Card image of Chains of Mephetis (Blue)
Card image of Widespread Annihilation (Blue)
Card image of Widespread Destruction (Yellow)

On the other side of the coin, we’re seeing an uptick in decks looking to play Valiant Dynamo, which is pretty much Flail of Agony’s worst nightmare. Playing into dual-wielding Warriors means the onus is on you to race (or attempt the pseudo-OTK if you feel like you can pull it off).

Dromai and Kano should continue being good matchups though, and the Ninjas are generally manageable. Bravo remains Vynnset’s worst matchup, so if you have a lot of those locally, maybe look elsewhere for something new to play.

If you’re interested in seeing gameplay of Heavy Hitters Vynnset in action, check out my live streams at or recordings at

There is no better time to get into a hero whose potential has yet to be fully realized than before it inevitably happens.

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