Relentless Aggression: Terrorizing Blitz with Levia (Part 2- Matchups)

by Drew Cordell 10th June 2021 3 : 02
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This is a continuation of "Relentless Aggression: Terrorizing Blitz with Levia", linked below.

The choices in Blitz are much more constrained than you'll find in Classic Constructed. In Blitz, you have 40 cards that cannot change between rounds. The only adjustments to be made are in your equipment loadout, and in whether you go first or second, given the option.

In this article, we'll continue to refer to the decklist I presented in the main feature, found on FABDB here.

Equipment Choices and Strategic Considerations


Show them the power of the shadowrealm! Intimidate can hurt, so be aggressive and try to strip cards from their hand. Use Carrion Husk on the turn where they Intimidate out a lot of the cards you wanted to block with. Take first turn if you can; it feels bad to get intimidated and not be able to block and draw up.

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