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Relentless Aggression: Terrorizing Blitz with Levia (Part 2- Matchups)

This is a continuation of "Relentless Aggression: Terrorizing Blitz with Levia", linked below.

Embrace the destructive power of a fully-unleashed Levia.

The choices in Blitz are much more constrained than you'll find in Classic Constructed. In Blitz, you have 40 cards that cannot change between rounds. The only adjustments to be made are in your equipment loadout, and in whether you go first or second, given the option.

In this article, we'll continue to refer to the decklist I presented in the main feature, found on FABDB here.

Equipment Choices and Strategic Considerations


Show them the power of the shadowrealm! Intimidate can hurt, so be aggressive and try to strip cards from their hand. Use Carrion Husk on the turn where they Intimidate out a lot of the cards you wanted to block with. Take first turn if you can; it feels bad to get intimidated and not be able to block and draw up.

Levia (mirror)

We’re build a lot of steam from the start, likely more than they do. Make them take first turn if you have the choice. Equip more defense so we can hold more cards in hand and hit back harder. Unless they’re playing the same deck as us, we typically have an edge in the mirror against other Levia variants.


Take the play. You don’t want to get hit with a dominated Crippling Crush or let them set up a Towering Titan while we sit there doing nothing. Try to save the Carrion Husk for the dominated Crippling Crush- if you do have to take this Crush effect, you'll need to line up some method of staving off your blood debt without a hand!


Play second. Block out your opponent’s attacks and don’t be afraid to throw a couple cards in front of the Kodachis, so long as you can hit them back hard. Try to save Carrion Husk to block a Command and Conquer or Enlightened Strike- get as close to six as possible with the block.


Play second. Block out your opponent's turn and hit them hard on yours. Mech isn’t as defensive as many other classes so we want to hit them super hard from the start to keep them from pressuring us back. Use the Husk to block a big boost attack and lean on defensive equipment to block pistol as efficiently as possible.


Play second, then dump a bunch of cards to block out your opponent on turn one and come in hot on your turn. Your opponent’s Increase the Tensions are more or less wasted on you. Lean into heavy armor and hit them hard. It’s an easy match, but you absolutely can’t afford to get hit with a Sleep Dart later in the game when your blood debt will kill you. Save Carrion Husk to block it or a Red in the Ledger when you’re trying to set up for a big turn.


Play first, because Viserai can set up a bunch of Runechant on turn one while you sit there doing nothing. Hit them hard and try to pile on the pressure. Ebon Fold doesn’t efficiently block Runechant, but the combo potential can be important in this match.


Play first- we want to pressure Chane and slow your opponent’s ability to create Soul Shackles. Throughout the game, hit Chane as hard as possible. Consider pitching zero defense attacks to Arcane Barrier, even inefficiently, on turns where your opponent is setting up a lot of arcane damage (IE, multiple Seeds of Agony in the banish zone). You may also decide to override the recommendations on the left, opting instead for Ebon Fold and Nullrune Gloves.


Play second and try to block out the second swing of Dawnblade, preventing a turn one +1 counter. Don’t let Dawnblade get massive. Pile on the pressure and watch out for the late game Rout.


Take first. We don’t want to let our opponent get too comfortable and charge a lot of cards to soul early on. Out-pressure them. Boltyn isn’t great at defending.


Make them take turn 1 and get ready to pitch a lot of cards for Arcane Barrier. Lean into Meataxe and don’t start banishing blood debt until later in the game when the kill is in sight. Hold back cards to pitch and try to turtle up.

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