Building Azalea with Hayden Dale

by Hayden Dale 11th March 2021 1 : 11

Foreword by Alex Truell.

There's an undeniable appeal to Azalea. Channeling the dark charm of the anti-hero, equipped with the legendary tools of Robin Hood, and bringing her own distinctive rhythm of gameplay to Flesh and Blood, it's hard to resist her charm. But as many of you have probably experienced yourselves, investing too much in Azalea can leave you burned. And when you're new to the game and Azalea is your starting point, it's impossible to know whether she's the reason for your failure, or you are.

What we needed- what Azalea needed- was a champion. A player with experience and credibility who could give advice and opinions on the class. So when Hayden Dale's article series on building Azalea started back in October, I was ecstatic. Finally, someone was giving the Ranger class a thorough work-over. I now had comparison points that felt vetted.

It's not about a net-deck; Flesh and Blood isn't a game decided by the perfect combination of cards. And it not about a strategy; I consider myself a very skilled Azalea player, though I don't have a tournament record to back that up.

It's about having someone give Ranger the depth of thought that I have, and about hearing which conclusions we share, and which we disagree on.

A good article gives you information, but a great article brings to mind your own thoughts and opinions, and asks you to defend them. Whether your opinion is reinforced or reconsidered, you've gained something.

The 4-part series came to an abrupt halt at 3 back in November. Here at the Rathe Times, we now have the conclusion.

So without further adieu, I present to you: Hayden Dale's, "Building Azalea".

Hayden Dale

Hayden Dale is the winner of the 2019 Calling in Sydney. Originally from New Zealand, he now calls Australia home. Instantly hooked by the game, Hayden has a huge interest in the competitive side of Flesh and Blood. You can find him on Facebook under Hayden Dale, or over on Instagram @gaming_instyle .

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Kirk Bushell
1 year ago

Absolutely brilliant series from Hayden. Thank you!

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