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by Joey Senart 8th July 2021 1 : 02

Built originally as a joke from a deck building challenge from Flesh and Bones, Cheerios emphasizes Kavdaen's trader class and ensures he doesn't actually have to pay for anything. With all cards at a healthy zero cost, the deck is surprisingly powerful, aggressively chaining cards without having to waste time with this pitch nonsense while surprising the opponent with bombs such as Enlightened Strike and Exude Confidence. As time is money with Kavdaen, don't expect any defending here. Just get in, get out, and get on with life! As for his ability? Well...he doesn't really have time for that either. I mean...it's cute but...we'll say I traded that ability to enjoy an insanely fun, janky, probably 5 minute game.

Playing the deck basically means "take some damage, do a bunch more," with Captain's Calls fueling chaining E-Strikes, Snatches, and Promise of Plenty that gives you access to even more cards. Ever versatile, if the deck wants to go tall, Minnowisms, Captain's Calls, and Nimblism help a large, highly pumped Overload with Dominate and Go Again, setting up for a powerhouse attack with more damage on the way, be that through Ravenous Rabbles that have go again, or a plethora of blue pitch cards to fuel Talishar or a surprise Exude Confidence pump. 

Will the game be over in two to three turns? Probably. But you're going to have a lot of fun playing the deck in the process!

Joey Senart

Bringing together a marketing, training, and project management background, Joey has devoted his Flesh and Blood tenure to growing communities around the world through creating materials designed to set stores and players up for success in their community building. Starting with Star Wars CCG in the 90's, the thrill for him comes from finding jank and enjoying the company of other players, usually over beer. Housed in Northern Colorado, you can spot him playing games at a local brewery or on his YouTube channel, Decks and Draughts, talking all manner of card games, marketing, and sweet, sweet libations.

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1 year ago

i love kavdaen. the class can get better with each set release. belittle is my fave generic card atm. look forward to what i can add from tales of aria

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