The Rathe Times Promo giveaway

by Kirk Bushell 2nd September 2021 2 : 01

We've been running giveaways for some time over on FaB DB, but it's time we did some of our own special promos! (Ed - YEAH! Take that, FaB DB!!!)

With that in mind, we have 20 play sets of the Promo Rainbow Foil Herald of Protection to give away. Yes, full play sets - blue, yellow, and red!!! In addition, we also have a Herald of Protection play mat for the top reader!

So how do you get your hands on this sweet, sweet loot? Well, it's very easy!

Did you know?


Oh we're all about the giveaways, and the tidbits of knowledge. Like this one! Find more of these around the site, and unlock incredible treasures!

Around the site we've embedded these callouts (over on the right! - Ed) on several articles. All you have to do is register on the Rathe Times and comment on at least two of those articles, adding to the discussion there. Your comment must be a valid contribution to the discussion on that article (ie. spammy comments will not be accepted and simply removed). This article doesn't count ;)

If you do so, and your comments are accepted - you'll go in the draw to win 1 of 20 of our foil promo play sets. Additionally, those readers that find every single callout, will go in the draw for the Herald of Protection play mat!

Please note, comments lodged before this giveaway was published will not be included!

And we're not done there!

Finally, we're going to contribute some of our own swag to the competition as well. One lucky winner will win a FaB DB "Battle at the Peak" Alpha play mat and a Fabled subscription (a fabled subscription is a lifetime membership! Woah! :O)

So what are you waiting for? Go find the callouts (not the one on this page! :P), contribute to the discussion and go into the draw!

The competition will be drawn on the 14th September, 2021 @ 2pm AEST, with swag posted that same day.

And to those that win, don't forget to track your new cards in the FaB DB Collection Manager! ;)

Drawing the prizes!

This competition was absolutely phenomenal. Of the several hundred readers that entered, 51 found at least 2 articles with the callouts, but only 15 found all 5!

Thank you to everyone for getting involved and helping us to develop a dialog and ongoing discussion here on the Rathe Times!

And our winners are...

Our winners of the Herald of Protection foil play sets are:

  1. Ales
  2. Christopher Yee
  3. Muhamad Fachrul
  4. Connor Chamberlain
  5. Karol
  6. Matthew W
  7. Justin Mathews
  8. CATS
  9. Erik Simonson
  10. Betim Begolli
  11. Jake Smith
  12. Edgar Leroy de Pedro
  13. Ryan Baker
  14. Jacob McAdams
  15. Jace Velez
  16. Austin Renna
  17. SamZ
  18. Felix W Chung
  19. Tommy
  20. Victor Marques

Congratulation goes to Tommy, who also found all of our callouts, and has won the Herald of Protection playmat!

And finally, the winner of our FaB DB alpha playmat + Fabled subscription is...

  1. Victor Marques!

To our winners, please be on the lookout in your email inboxes shortly regarding claiming your prizes! We will have these sent out in the next week or so.

Thanks again to everyone involved, this was a lot of fun :D

Kirk Bushell

Kirk is the sole developer of both FaB DB and The Rathe Times, proving an obsession with the game of Flesh & Blood and supporting its communities. Additionally, he loves writing articles, the game, and the general hobby of collecting cards.