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by Kirk Bushell 11th April 2021 4 : 32

Monarch Spoiler Season has Arrived!

The Rathe Times will be tracking down links to all the latest Monarch spoilers. While you're visiting the hosts of these incredibly anticipated new cards, take a look around! Give them some traffic and see what they're all about. You may find your new favorite YouTube channel, get inspiration for a new deck, or learn a strategic trick or two.

You can find Legend Stories Studios' upcoming spoiler sources page here.

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Monarch art spoiler on FABTCG official page.

Monday, April 26:

  1. DeadSummer Art - Lord Sutcliffe
  2. The Professor - The Librarian

Sunday, April 25:

  1. Noxious - Minerva Themis & Lady Barthimont

Saturday, April 24:

  1. RC Crew Hobbies - Herald of Judgment
  2. Mighty Ape Hobbies - Herald of Triumph
  3. Unplugged Games - Wartune Herald
  4. Yoda's Data - Herald of Protection
  5. Outcast's Haven - Herald of Erudition
  6. Kohdok - Herald of Tenacity
  7. Openboosters - Multiple Cards
  8. NA Cardgame - Herald of Rebirth

Friday, April 23:

  1. Fabled Hunters - Ode to Wrath, Merciful Retribution, and Parable of Humility
  2. CompetEsport - Genesis
  3. Metrix Daily - Arc Light Sentinel
  4. Combo TCG - Yinti Yanti
  5. FABTCG - Herald of Ravages

Thursday, April 22:

  1. Alpha Investments - Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light
  2. Card Merchant - Iris of Reality
  3. Tower of TCG - Prismatic Shield
  4. FABTCG - Phantasmaclasm
  5. Midian Games - Dream Weavers
  6. Visio Games - Blinding Beam
  7. Alex Hodges - Enigma Chimera
  8. Manuel Rozoy - Spears of Surreality
  9. Power Up - Phantasmify

Our first and presumably only new class this set is the Illusionist, and Prism promises to bring some amazing new strategies to the game: turning damage-reducing tokens into weapons and presenting incredibly strong attacks that vanish against a show of force! I foresee a great matchup against Dorinthea, Katsu, and obviously Kano; but Rhinar, Levia, and Bravo will have her number!

Wednesday, April 21:

  1. Tabletop Gaming UK - Gallantry Gold
  2. Fable Hobby - Glisten
  3. FaBulous - Halo of Illumination
  4. FAB Italia FB - Engulfing Light
  5. TowerNumberNine - Spill Blood
  6. Like Butter Media - Raydn, Duskbane
  7. Intrinsic Gaming - Dusk Path Pilgrimage
  8. Radio Reflex - Out Muscle
  9. Bricks Play - Valiant Dynamo

Warrior now has a 2nd Legendary Equipment. This makes Warrior officially the most expensive class to own all of. Notably, Warrior also has a number of alternate options for armor, and completely lacks a class helm. What the ideal configuration ends up being remains to be seen.

Tuesday, April 20:

  1. Flesh and Blood Malaysia FB - Bolting Blade
  2. FAB Five - Beacon of Victory
  3. Rocket City Gaming Lounge - Valiant Thrust
  4. Cobra Pearl - Bolt of Courage
  5. FAB Wellington FB - Belittle and Minnowism
  6. Southern Hobby Supply - Hatchet of Body
  7. FAB Foundry - Stubby Hammerers

Boltyn is quickly garnering attention in the community, for good and bad reasons. As inheritor of the powerful Warrior card suit, many see him as inevitably dominant; still others are eager for something new for a class that epitomizes repetition. So far the Light card pool seems to encourage a very different approach to the Warrior kit.

It's also looking like Soul effects (Charging and releasing) make for some very powerful attacks. The cost of Charging your Soul is notably expensive- that's a card out of your hand, after all- so we'll have to wait for real-world results before we reach a verdict.

Monday, April 19:

  1. Steve Aoki - Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn
  2. Peachstate Hobby Distribution - Hatchet of the Mind
  3. r/FABTCG - Lumina Ascension
  4. Mag Strength - Express Lightning
  5. Fight4Fun - Illuminate
  6. Centrum Gier Pegaz - Seek Enlightenment
  7. FABTCG - V of the Vanguard, Cross the Line, Rising Solartide, Courageous Steelhand (and design insights on Boltyn)

Sunday, April 18:

  1. FAB Facebook Fan Page - Frontline Scout
  2. FAB TCG Community Discord- Blasphomet, the Soul Harvester
  3. Kitchen Table TCG - Ursur, the Soul Reaper
  4. Sanctuary Gaming - Piercing Shadow Vise
  5. House of Misteria - Impenitrable Belief
  6. DMArmada - Carrion Husk
  7. Ludiworld - Rip Through Reality

Saturday, April 17:

  1. Bloodletter - Rift Bind
  2. Rayvwen - Unhallowed Rites
  3. FABTCG - Invert Existence
  4. FAB Canada - Soul Reaping
  5. Sushi Knight - Rise Above
  6. FAB Gauntlet- Dimenxxional Gateway
  7. Living Realms - Talisman of Dousing
  8. Azkaban Juegos - Shadow Puppetry

Friday, April 16:

  1. Channel Fireball - Chane, Bound by Shadow
  2. AK Games - Howl from Beyond
  3. Flesh and Blood Unseals - Warmonger's Recital
  4. Arsenal Pass - Dimenxxional Crossroads
  5. FABTCG - Bounding Demigon, Seeds of Agony (and design insights into Chane)
  6. Pitch for Three - Shadow of Ursur

Thursday, April 15:

  1. The Rathe Times - Memorial Ground
  2. Prince Distribution - Ebon Fold
  3. FaB with Freyja - Hooves of the Shadowbeast
  4. FAB Armory - Ravenous Meataxe
  5. Reaper Games - Dread Scythe
  6. Dice Commando - Hexagore the Death Hydra
  7. Gamegenics Supplies - Galaxxi Black
  8. Cloak and Blaster - Aether Ironweave
  9. Mithril - Soul Shackle
  10. HobbyMasterNZ - Vexing Malice

Wednesday, April 14:

  1. TeamCovenant - Deep Rooted Evil and Boneyard Marauder
  2. Red Zone Rogue - Mutated Mass
  3. Organized - Dread Screamer
  4. Red Riot Games - Deadwood Rumbler
  5. CatFootPrint SanXia - Soul Harvest
  6. Session Blood - Tear Limb from Limb
  7. FAB Discord, Wall Street Channel - Surging Militia (see card here)

Tuesday, April 13

  1. theRadBrad - Levia, Shadowborn Abomination (learn more on FABTCG)
  2. FAB EU FB - Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell
  3. FABTCG - Endless Maw, Shadow of Blasphomet, Pulping (and lots of info on Levia / design insights)
  4. Flesh and Bones - Lunartide Plunderer
  5. Dark Sphere - Spew Shadow
  6. Classroom Cafe - Ghostly Visit
  7. Bronson's Blood - Rally the Rearguard

Day 2 of previews brought a lot of answers to yesterday's questions. Shadow and Light are Talents- in essence, a cardpool like Warrior or Wizard- that your Hero gives you access to. The Shadow talent appears in that same descriptive box on the bottom, so none of the existing Heroes can use Shadow or Light at this time!

We also got to see the first Hero of the Monarch set, a Shadow Brute (access to both card pools) named Levia. She's seriously committed to Blood Debt, so Rhinar's not at risk of being replaced! But this gives promise of backwards support in the Monarch card pool; already we've seen new Brute cards.

Monday, April 12

  1. FABDB - Tome of Torment
  2. Star City Games - Doomsday
  3. ChannelFireball - Eclipse
  4. TCGPlayer - Eclipse Existance
  5. FABTCG Asia FB - Celestial Cataclysm
  6. ICv2 - Tome of Divinity
  7. TCGPlayer - Ray of Hope

What an incredible day to kick off the spoiler season! We've seen two new mechanics associated with Shadow and Light. Shadow cards seem to be dealing in Blood Debt to the Banished Zone, while Light cards have added a Soul beneath your Hero card. How heavily will these alignments be tied to Souls and Blood Debts? And just who can utilize them?

We also saw Celestial Cataclysm, a card that seems to to be an "Enlightened Strike part 2". Beautiful artwork as always, well done LSS!

And did you notice the rarities? Eclipse and Doomsday are Legendaries! These are notably not equipment, and specializations too. That's 2 of 6 Legendaries... will we see a complete shattering of the norms the first 3 sets established for this rarity slot?

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