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Rhinar Hates Everything

Flesh and Blood, like many other games, has a constant scissors-paper-rock going on behind the scene when it comes to deckbuilding. Combo, Aggro and Control are always battling it out with each other, with aggro beating combo, combo beating control and control beating aggro, but what if we could develop a deck that can win against all three?

Introducing: The Anti-Everything

Card image of Rhinar, Reckless Rampage

Hero: Rhinar, Reckless Rampage

Weapons: Mandible Claw, Mandible Claw, Romping Club

Equipment: Arcanite Skullcap, Fyendal's Spring Tunic, Gambler's Gloves, Scabskin Leathers

Goliath Gauntlet, Nullrune Gloves, Nullrune Hood, Skullhorn

  1. (3) Alpha Rampage (red)
  2. (3) Barraging Beatdown (red)
  3. (3) Command and Conquer (red)
  4. (3) Massacre (red)
  5. (3) Pack Hunt (red)
  6. (3) Savage Feast (red)
  7. (3) Sink Below (red)

  1. (2) ARGH... Smash! (yellow)
  2. (3) Barraging Beatdown (yellow)
  3. (3) Barraging Big Horn (yellow)
  4. (3) Beast Within (yellow)
  5. (3) Bloodrush Bellow (yellow)
  6. (2) Bone Head Barrier (yellow)
  7. (2) Remembrance (yellow)
  8. (2) Riled Up (yellow)
  9. (3) Smash Instinct (yellow)
  10. (3) Springboard Somersault (yellow)
  11. (1) Tome of Fyendal (yellow)
  12. (3) Unmovable (yellow)

  1. (3) Awakening Bellow (blue)
  2. (3) Barraging Beatdown (blue)
  3. (2) Energy Potion (blue)
  4. (2) Last Ditch Effort (blue)
  5. (2) Reckless Swing (blue)
  6. (3) Sand Sketched Plan (blue)
  7. (3) Wrecker Romp (blue)

This brute deck is designed to be favoured against every other deck present in the Classic Constructed scene. It is a derivation of the classic Brute midrange archetype, but its most defining feature is that it runs both the Romping Club and the Mandible Claws. The theory behind this choice is that with the Romping Club and its primary support card, Barraging Beatdown, you have the best anti-aggro tool in the game, and the Mandible Claws with the support of Bloodrush Bellow creates one of the most powerful combo packages available. With this simple choice, and with support cards that every Brute deck already runs, you have given yourself a favourable matchup against 2 of the 3 points on the control-combo-aggro triangle, and luckily for us in Flesh and Blood the combo point of the triangle tends to be a subset of control, so we have our win conditions against that one too. 

Card image of Barraging Beatdown (Blue)
Card image of Bloodrush Bellow (Yellow)
Card image of Mandible Claw


  • Extremely potent anti-aggro engine as well a phenomenal combo package.
  • Slightly favoured against every deck.
  • Can swap playstyles on a dime in the middle of a game.


  • Restricted sideboard space and deck size.
  • Comparatively poor fatigue game.
  • Few extremely favoured matchups.
  • Will sometimes have to include dead cards to meet 60 in deck.

This would be a perfectly fine stopping point, but we can go deeper. The pitch curve is extremely yellow-focused, which is support for both the club and the claws playstyle as both weapons cost 2. We also have a very large equipment sideboard to perfectly tailor our loadout to every matchup. The downside, of course, is that this limits our deck space and our fatigue game, but fatigue barely matters when you can deal 26 unblockable damage with your combo package. The deck is full of tech cards that can come in and out for any matchup, most notably Remembrance and Argh… Smash!, and almost all of which are yellow so we can’t be punished for keeping them in if we need the sideboard space.

Card image of Argh… Smash! (Yellow)
Card image of Remembrance (Yellow)

This is my personal brute deckbuild for Classic Constructed, and is something I’ve been developing since Mandible Claws were introduced with Crucible of War. I think it has great potential for high-level success. I believe it is the most versatile deck in the most versatile class in Flesh and Blood. There is not one single deck that will have an easy time winning against this one. 

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