My FaB Journey: A Look Back

by Alex Truell 14th June 2021 3 : 24

I Did Three Big Things This Month

The first was the result of my consistent lack of luck pulling a Fabled. I've opened 22 boxes across 4 sets (no small quantity, for sure, but critically not high enough that the odds should favor me) and have not opened a Fabled card. And mostly, I'd been fine with that. But with Monarch, it was different.

Monarch debuted a brand-new type of card: a Landmark. Which was exciting in and of itself. But the Landmark was an architectural beauty (I love visiting incredible architecture), and a library to boot (my wife is an avid reader). From the moment the image leaked, I had my first must-have Fabled.

So when my 7 boxes failed to yield that incredible chase card, I was faced with a difficult decision. I am not the type to spend hundreds of dollars on a card, let alone thousands; so I could sell other collectibles to build up enough to purchase a Cold Foil Fabled (a collection-decimating proposition, to be sure), or I could set aside my desire for prestige in this, my intended collection centerpiece, and trade for an Unlimited copy in Rainbow Foil.

It was in this state of desperation that I noticed a Library listing on Facebook that had recently been re-posted. For sale or trade, with the details unspecified. It was a Hail Mary, but I reached out.

The details aren't important, and the result I'm sure is easy to predict: we reached a deal, and a few days later my crowning jewel arrived by mail.

I can't describe to you the excitement of acquiring a rare card, but I probably don't have to; many of you have experienced something similar, with different cards or collectibles, at different price points, and in different ways. We all have our own bars set for what we expect is 'obtainable', and when we surpass those, we feel like we've really accomplished something. And if you haven't yet, it's definitely something to look forward to.

In my excitement, I had spent the days of postal transit thinking about how I wanted to display this card. It struck me that perhaps the artist was producing prints of the Library. I tracked down his information and reached out- which quickly transitioned into an interview for the Rathe Times (watch for this coming soon!) Unexpectedly, I'd now reached my second milestone of the week: I'd connected with the creative development of the game, someone responsible for iconic elements we all enjoy and recognize.

The third was not of my own doing. At least, it didn't start that way. A game store had recently opened 30 minutes from my rural home- cutting the distance to my nearest game store in half. I'd told them I played Flesh and Blood and asked them to inform me if they ever decided to stock it. That was a few months ago; now, Alexandria Games was reaching out to me saying they had picked up FaB, and they wanted me to teach them the game.

Did you know?


Alex is the editor for the Rathe Times, and became so by first writing articles for FaB DB.

The ensuing demo was incredibly successful. As you all know, Flesh and Blood makes a fantastic case for itself with gameplay. I left the shop owner excited about the game, both as a personal interest and a professional possibility. We've planned a Learn to Play event using Joey Senart's tools, and with a week to go before the event, we've filled all 10 of our new player slots! It felt impossible only 2 weeks ago, but we are on the cusp of creating a FaB community in smalltown Wisconsin!

Why Am I Telling You All Of This?

I started this game in the spring of 2020 as a new hobby to keep myself busy with something novel while we all rode out the pandemic. It was something to collect and solitaire until I could see people again. If I liked it enough, I'd pitch it to a friend or two, see if maybe we could add it to the rotation of casual games we played when we got together.

A year later, this game has become a passion. My collection of cards brings me joy and supports whatever strategies I'd like to pursue. My thoughts and opinions have contributed to the growth of the game locally and across the internet. Flesh and Blood has served to connect me with people across the world I'd never have met otherwise.

I picked up FaB expecting a solitary pasttime to help me through the most isolating year our world has ever faced. And somehow I've come out the other end of it feeling deeply connected to a worldwide community. A community that will help me achieve and surpass my dreams. A community that will gladly share its time and its thoughts with me. A community that I can give back to in a meaningful way.

That's the power of a great game.

Alex Truell

Alex Truell is the editor for the Rathe Times. Alex is a casually competitive player overseeing the growth of a Flesh and Blood scene in Ripon, WI. Alex is a player who cares about the competitive environment, but doesn't have to live in it; an optimist who loves the game, but can take a step back to critique it; and a deckbuilder who revels in novelty.