Community Spotlight: Contributor Projects

by Alex Truell 29th July 2022 0 : 00

Our authors often have other Flesh and Blood projects outside of what they contribute to the Rathe Times. We'd like to take a moment to share a few of them with you.

Mark Chamberlain Reads FAB Lore

Mark has always loved audiobooks, from the time they accompanied him on the classic 90's road trips of his childhood. The way in which a voice actor can pair with an author and make the story leap out at you is a certain sort of magic. When the opportunity presented itself, he leapt at the opportunity to become a voice actor.

For our subscribers, Mark Chamberlain is the voice of the Rathe Times, the narrator of countless articles including our Pro Series. But in his own time, Mark has put his talents to use narrating lore pieces for Flesh and Blood. These lore readings are a passion project, and Mark aspires to help the story grip you as it gripped him.

Casting with Michael Hamilton and Roger Bodee

Mike and Roger learned how to play Flesh and Blood together after losing interest in the competitive Magic: the Gathering scene. Their passion for the game has driven them to its highest competitive levels, and they are eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with their listeners.

Join Michael Hamilton and Roger Bodee for the M-n-R Cast! (pronounced "Manor") Every week Mike and Roger will discuss topics ranging from reviewing the top decklists in the meta, to high-level strategy content used by the top Flesh and Blood pro players.

Discover Your Shine with the Rainbow Foils

The Rainbow Foils discord server came to fruition out of Kiki Labad’s desire to give LGBTQIA+ members of the FAB community a place come together and explore their identity within the safety of each other. We have channels for gameplay, conversations, advice and affirmation, with our emphasis being on growth and support for those in the queer community that want to belong in Flesh and Blood.

If you’re part of the queer community or questioning and would like to join, feel free to DM Kiki on twitter (@kiki_la93) to find out how.

Alex Truell

Alex Truell is the editor for the Rathe Times, and a casually competitive player from Wisconsin. He's an optimist who loves the game, but can take a step back to critique it; and a deckbuilder who revels in novelty.

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