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Max Dieckmann
10 months ago

I might be wrong here, but the way that it's worded makes me think that you might be able to play it when you have no cards in hand, thus negating the downside of having to discard.

Jacob Irby
10 months ago

You are correct it is not a cost so you don't have to have a card in hand. A thing that scares me about this card is ripping block cards from the opponent or playing it as your last card to take their last card and basically time walk them.

Jeremy Miller
9 months ago

That is indeed something I missed when writing the article. Though I would consider it a bad play if they don't have an arsenal. They're basically guaranteed to be able to block it with the other 3 cards they have left and they could recur something we really don't want them to. But if they have an arsenal it's a ridiculously good play.

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