Shifting Shadows: Chane and the Emerging Monarch Meta

by Jacob Smith, Mark Chamberlain 17th May 2021 9 : 31
Jacob Smith, aka jokerjake7, shares his predictions for where the Constructed meta is going, how Chane fits into that, and how he deals with the other contenders.
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Jacob Smith

Jacob has been an avid TCG enthusiast and competitive player since the days of playground Pokémon battles. He dabbles in game design, with some notable success. His discord tag is jokerjake7, where he is notorious for relentlessly pursuing tabletop simulator games and discussing the intricacies of the Runeblade class in the #runeblade-discussion channel.

Mark Chamberlain

Our narrator, Mark Chamberlain, is a long-time card game player-- but they're all sitting on the shelf while he practices Guardian in Flesh and Blood. Mark is based out of Colorado Springs, USA.