Shedding Light on Prism: The Matchups

by Conor Grant 3rd June 2021 4 : 31

This is a continuation of "Shedding Light on Prism", linked below.

Piloting Prism through the Monarch Meta

As previously stated in my the lead article, Prism is well positioned to be a definitive deck in the Monarch era. Keeping in mind Prism's strengths and deftly avoiding her weaknesses, you can be confident going into the majority of your pairings.

In this segment, we'll continue referring to the Aggro Herald decklist linked below.

Aggro Herald Prism on FABDB.


The Dorinthea matchup is a defensive race, and your typical goal of attacking with 2 Heralds must be balanced with blocking Dawnblade on others. As with Guardian and Brute, effective use of Arc Light Sentinel and Genesis can provide you with “free” turns where you take 0 damage. These cards are even more effective in this match, however; if Dorinthea attacks an Aura with her weapon, she does not gain go again from her ability, and she loses any counters she may have had on her weapon. This means that your Arc Light Sentinels are both a free turn and a reset button, making this matchup a favorable one.

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Conor Grant

Conor Grant (@Lillith on discord) has been playing since a little before the release of Crucible of War. A university student with a history in competitive Magic, Conor looks to bring a competitive take and a new perspective to everyone's favorite illusionist Prism. He is excited to share his love for everything "Arc Light" with the community, and hopes aspiring Prism players can benefit from his man nights play testing.