Dusk Till Dawn Preview: Angelic Descent

by Alex Truell 30th June 2023 2 : 32

Two words are about to become very important to Prism: Herald and Angel.

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When last we saw her, Prism was knee-deep in Light Illusionist cards titled "Herald of ______". We didn't think much of it outside of the obvious thematic choice being made. Now, however, it becomes clear that these comprise a backbone for the entire premise of a DTD Prism deck.


Like Brutes with their 6s or Rangers with their Arrows, Prism is now pushed to utilize a specific subset of her card pool in order to make the most of her hero power.

Angelic Descent gives us a real taste of what that strategy will look like. By giving a Herald attack go again, then boosting the damage on an angel attack, we're encouraged to roll from an attack out of hand into an attack from the board - not unlike how Dromai wants to start by playing a red card before moving to her dragons.

As an Instant, the expectation here is that your Herald going again is intended to be a bit of a surprise, to catch an opponent off guard and seize an opportunity that's presented itself. Due to the unique nature of Phantasm attacks, that's extremely valuable, as you can wait until the reaction phase (ensuring you're not going to have your attack popped) before using your valuable transition card.


Angelic Descent is essentially getting the effect of the new Luminaris, Celestial Fury without paying for it, which means that when your Herald goes to soul and you search out a Figment, you can afford to pay to Awaken it in the same turn. That's critically important, as we're beginning to see a very expensive build coming together in the new Prism. Our best turns are looking to cost 4 resources - or 2 yellow cards. While the loss of the original Luminaris makes that less relevant, those of us who hope to make use of the Great Library of Solana will welcome this design!


(Yeah, that's a photo of my copy, it just makes me happy.)

Of course, while we'd love to get value out of that angelic +2, there will be times when we don't have an angel attack ready to follow up with. And while this card may evoke Luminaris, the fact that it's a card in hand or arsenal means you may struggle to both play and pay for a second Herald. Wartune Herald will be a valuable option simply for its ability to follow another Herald on a blue pitch. Similarly, opening with Herald of Erudition can add the necessary fuel to your hand.

These considerations paint a picture of what the new Prism will have to contend with as she tries to execute her gameplan. Gone are the days where go again came easily to her attacks; and a wide turn will truly pressure her resources in a way we haven't seen before.

Previews are more than just game effects; to me, one of the best parts of a game is engaging with amazing art. To that end, let me give props to Alief Rusdiatama, who builds on the lore of Solana with this dynamic heraldic vision. Showcasing a range befitting the diverse world of Rathe, Alief has now contributed to Aria, Metrix, the Pits, Volcor, Misteria, and Solana.

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Alex Truell

Alex Truell is the editor for the Rathe Times, and a casually competitive player from Wisconsin. He's an optimist who loves the game, but can take a step back to critique it; and a deckbuilder who revels in novelty.

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8 months ago

One of the more promising prism commons I'd consider for main board.

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