Climbing the Mountain: How to Prepare for a Major Event

by Kiki Labad, Mark Chamberlain 26th June 2021 6 : 12
On June 5th, players from across Oceania came together for the Calling. For myself and many others, the journey up that mountain started from the moment the first spoiler was revealed. Today, I invite you to join me on a journey that ultimately lead to a second place finish at the Aotea Center.
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Kiki Labad

Kiki Labad is a longtime TCG enthusiast who picked up Flesh and Blood in its infancy. With a Finals appearance in Road to Nationals and a Finals appearance in The Calling June 2021, they've now got their eye on reaching the top of the mountain.

Mark Chamberlain

Our narrator, Mark Chamberlain, is a long-time card game player-- but they're all sitting on the shelf while he practices Guardian in Flesh and Blood. Mark is based out of Colorado Springs, USA.