Arknight Ascendant: Viserai's Rising Star in the Blitz Metagame

by Kevin Brayer 30th March 2021 13 : 18
While the spotlight has been resting firmly on Ira and Dorinthea during the Skirmish series, Viserai has been making a place for himself in the shadows. Kevin Brayer explains the deck that's brought the Arknight into the Top 8.
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Kevin Brayer

Kevin Brayer (@Hannibal in Discord circles) is an author for the Rathe Times and has been playing Flesh and Blood since the release of Crucible of War. A Software Developer living in the US, he is a competitive player with a background in MTG. He loves putting time into mastering archetypes and is looking to make his mark by bringing everyone's favorite Arknight into the competitive scene. Kevin is excited to give back to the community by sharing his insight, humor, and love of all things Demonastery.