en-us The Rathe Times - Frank Boothroyd https://rathetimes.com/authors/ As an avid combo player across many different card games, Frank Boothroyd has been addicted to Kano ever since he started playing Flesh and Blood with the release of Uprising. Competitively minded, Frank enjoys learning new strategies, and finding ways to optimize his play. When he's not losing to Oasis Respite, he can usually be found on discord (@Pontiff Sulyvahn#9705), helping new wizards learn the ropes. Pitch Perfect: Learning to Pitch Stack with Kano https://rathetimes.com/articles/pitch-perfect-learning-to-pitch-stack-with-kano Of the many ways to cheat at trading card games, none are as powerful as stacking the deck- only in FAB, it's not cheating! Learn to pitch stack with this guide. %pm, %14 %b %2023 %12:%00:%00 https://rathetimes.imgix.net/43f039b4-6d00-4890-9ac1-7c9e047acd06/Banner_pitchstacker.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=min&fm=jpg&q=80&rect=3%2C0%2C1149%2C579 https://rathetimes.com/articles/pitch-perfect-learning-to-pitch-stack-with-kano