en-us The Rathe Times - Jeremy Miller https://rathetimes.com/authors/ Jeremy is a long-time card player, though relatively new to Flesh and Blood. Ever since the start of 2022, he's been engaged in the local competitive scene and was thrilled to meet a lot of international players at the first European Calling. As an IT student, number crunching is one of their favourites, and there's nothing quite like card value to improve one's mood. Early Thoughts on Codex of Frailty https://rathetimes.com/articles/early-thoughts-on-codex-of-frailty The newly revealed Codex of Frailty - and the new dual class tagging it introduces - is interesting enough to merit a whole article. %pm, %17 %b %2023 %20:%23:%03 https://rathetimes.imgix.net/8a439a7d-58b4-4d61-909d-b10364804726/banner_codexf.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=min&fm=jpg&q=80&rect=3%2C32%2C1149%2C579 https://rathetimes.com/articles/early-thoughts-on-codex-of-frailty The Way of the Spider: Getting to Know Arakni https://rathetimes.com/articles/the-way-of-the-spider-getting-to-know-arakni From an outsider's perspective, an assassin strikes quickly and with lethal precision. But what goes unseen is careful planning and biding time until the opportune moment arises. %am, %13 %b %2022 %01:%19:%13 https://rathetimes.imgix.net/6d6aa5d1-4b93-4373-8e20-0928a0a7dc93/Banner_arakni.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=min&fm=jpg&q=80&rect=3%2C17%2C1149%2C579 https://rathetimes.com/articles/the-way-of-the-spider-getting-to-know-arakni