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by Kirk Bushell 17th March 2021 3 : 19

As the first of our Community Spotlight series, we had a quick chat with Rayvwen about his YouTube channel, Flesh & Blood and of course - video production!

Who are you and what made you start playing Flesh & Blood?

I'm Kurt, 24 years old, English but I've been in Australia for most of my life now. I played card games as a kid like many people and I just always loved cards. I had Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, Harry Potter, Star Wars, everything I was allowed. I didn't have a lot of cards for each game and I didn't really know how to play but I still enjoyed them all. 

When we moved to Australia we culled a lot of the collection and the rest went in storage while I got on with school work and I didn't really have that urge to play them anymore. At the end of high school I did see Magic the Gathering was a thing but didn't have anyone to play with. I bought a box of cards and liked looking through them but they just sat on my shelf for a few years.

A few years ago I had some friends message out of the blue asking if I wanted to learn to play Magic and we had a blast and played pretty regularly but casually. 

I couldn't really fund buying new cards as I was growing up. I believe I still have some Pokemon cards floating around somewhere but that's basically all that's left. I enjoyed the game a lot but over the few years I played I felt the direction the game went was not what I wanted to be a part of anymore and I just happened to see something about Flesh and Blood as I was almost decided that I would stop playing Magic as much. It just caught me and hasn't let go since!

What inspired you to start a YouTube channel?

I'd toyed with the idea of YouTube for years, really, but hadn't found a niche that I wanted to be a part of. When I played Magic I thought about that but the idea of trying to break into a very well established game and community was very daunting. I thought about a video game channel but with how my brain works I go through phases of interest so I just put it on the backburner until FAB came along and I thought, "it's now or never". From the start there was a ton of interest and support from everyone who saw my videos so I'm so glad I did! I've had quite a few comments of appreciation from people brand new to the game which is a huge motivation to keep going.

Your deck tech videos have great production value - what does your video production setup look like, for those who may be interested in producing their own videos?

Thanks! It's no professional setup but I've put a lot of time and a bit of money into getting the most out of what I've got. My computer is an older gaming build, around 4 years old right now and it was middle of the range when I bought it as a reference. I have a lower-end Razer microphone I bought to be able to use something other than a headset microphone, and that's it for the most part!

As far as software goes, I'm using all free stuff. OneNote for (trying) to organise and plan my ideas, Audacity for recording and cleaning up voiceovers, fabtcg's official website has all the card art and marketing assets and finally Davinci Resolve for editing it all together! The biggest hurdle has definitely been the technical issues and making everything work together but once I figured things out I wrote down numbers and things that I use constantly to help memorise them to make the production process faster to give me more time to test and play the decks.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the broader community about Flesh & Blood or your content?

I mostly want to say thanks to everyone for making this community amazing. To anyone who's on the fence about getting into content creating; whether it's YouTube or making a podcast or a blog, go for it. If you've thought about it and you have the time to put in, it's so rewarding. 

I'm putting in a lot of time to continue improving and I have a lot of ideas in the works so stay tuned if you want to see more from me in the future. Most of all, be kind, continue to support the community and Stay FAB!

Be sure to check out Raywven's YouTube channel for some great content!

Kirk Bushell

Kirk is the sole developer of both FaB DB and The Rathe Times, proving an obsession with the game of Flesh & Blood and supporting its communities. Additionally, he loves writing articles, the game, and the general hobby of collecting cards.

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Thank you for sharing a.new content creator. Will definitely take a look

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