en-us The Rathe Times - articles https://rathetimes.com/tags/legendary Thoughts and Baubles: April 2021 Edition https://rathetimes.com/articles/thoughts-and-baubles-april-2021-edition We're only just wading into Monarch previews, but there's already so much to discuss! Will Talents make the Original 8 less playable? What's going on with Legendaries? And why the last few weeks of April- and not Monarch's release- is the perfect time to bring in new players! %pm, %14 %b %2021 %13:%00:%00 https://rathetimes.imgix.net/29367e8e-aabb-4133-9c4e-d396a73465fe/ThoughtsandBaubles.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=min&fm=jpg&q=80&rect=0%2C0%2C1189%2C599 https://rathetimes.com/articles/thoughts-and-baubles-april-2021-edition