en-us The Rathe Times - articles https://rathetimes.com/tags/ira The Next Evolution of Ira: A Wizard's Perspective https://rathetimes.com/articles/the-next-evolution-of-ira A new style of Ira is turning the patient, vengeful ninja into a bloodthirsty torrent of blades and kicks! What is driving this change, and how will the meta shift around it? Read about the new developments, and the insights of a wizard player into how Kano fits into the evolving metagame. %am, %01 %b %2021 %05:%00:%00 https://rathetimes.imgix.net/b79dc005-df02-4853-b7f8-7f9ca1a7f26d/Banner_ira_evolve.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=min&fm=jpg&q=80&rect=3%2C5%2C1149%2C579 https://rathetimes.com/articles/the-next-evolution-of-ira Steelblade Supremacy: How Dorinthea Loosened Ira's Chokehold on Blitz https://rathetimes.com/articles/steelblade-supremacy-how-dorinthea-loosened-iras-chokehold-on-blitz Davis Kingsley, having recently won three of the Skirmish events he's competed in and placed Top 8 in the rest, shares his thought process, winning deck, and advice on how to approach a meta shifting towards Warrior domination. %am, %16 %b %2021 %03:%00:%00 https://rathetimes.imgix.net/369feb39-bd6e-4cfc-85db-f7ae7fa18104/Banner_davis_pro.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=min&fm=jpg&q=80&rect=0%2C41%2C1149%2C580 https://rathetimes.com/articles/steelblade-supremacy-how-dorinthea-loosened-iras-chokehold-on-blitz