en-us The Rathe Times - articles https://rathetimes.com/tags/draft The FaB Cube Part 1: Making the Case for Cube https://rathetimes.com/articles/the-fab-cube-part-1-making-the-case-for-cube Mark makes the case for draft as the premiere format for Flesh and Blood, laying the groundwork for his series on constructing a FaB Cube. %pm, %30 %b %2021 %20:%34:%27 https://rathetimes.imgix.net/cd46cb61-585a-4fd0-866c-1bccce930215/banner_draftcube.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=min&fm=jpg&q=80&rect=0%2C0%2C1149%2C579 https://rathetimes.com/articles/the-fab-cube-part-1-making-the-case-for-cube Starting Strong with Monarch: Competitive Advice for All Formats https://rathetimes.com/articles/starting-strong-with-monarch A new set can be a daunting prospect in TCGs, with hundreds of new cards and interactions to learn and understand. While experience is the best teacher, there are things you can do to give yourself an edge coming out of the gate. %pm, %27 %b %2021 %14:%00:%00 https://rathetimes.imgix.net/6fc0c490-47e2-4c2f-b551-cd5b0b972079/Banner_Pro_Monarch.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=min&fm=jpg&q=80&rect=2%2C15%2C1149%2C579 https://rathetimes.com/articles/starting-strong-with-monarch